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#1 2014-04-22 00:30:50

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Markers falling on top of each other.

I've been using gmap on a webapp for quite some time to display multiple store information on a map. The script was written about 2 years ago and everything has been working great but about 1 month ago I've noticed that the markers on the store map started to position themselves on top of each for not apparent reason. We haven't touch the code in a very long time or update any of the scripts I've been looking for a solution or at least to some pointers without any luck and I was wondering if anyone in this forum could point to the right direction.
If anyone is willing to take a look a quick look please go to:

press take out and then enter number 1112223333

The marker's pin will fall on top of each other but the infowindow will work as expected.

Hopefully some one could share some thoughts.


(server costs 27.50€ per month)

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