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#1 2012-10-04 03:11:15

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maps with twitter bootstrap, modals

Hello I'm new here and I'm really liking and lovin GMAPS3

I am working on a project with getting user input address markers and geolocation over twitter bootstrap, and so far bootstrap and gmaps(the google map) aren't playing nicely due to distorted images that is defined in the bootstrap css and applying a little fix might work

and another thing is I have a problem with using modals and overlays with gmaps since not all maps are shown, just showing a part of it (the northwestern part, the first square) … df4acade0e

and when I resize the browser then it suddenly shows all of it.

I wanted to inspect parts of it using browser inspectors but again google maps won't let me get to that part and traversing is a hassle.

I figured this thread: … -modal-box

might fix this, how can I apply 'google.maps.event.trigger(map,"resize");' on GMAPS,

thanks and again, a great job on the GMAPS3 plugin


(server costs 27.50€ per month)

#2 2012-10-04 04:43:38

From: Pourrières, France
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Re: maps with twitter bootstrap, modals


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