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Moment to drink. Efficacy: This tea is rich in carotene, VB, VC, a variety of amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral ingredients, regular drinking can promote blood circulation and metabolism, prevent the accumulation of liver fat, nourishing the liver Kidney, Shufeng eyesight and other effects, is also an ideal Liver Liver care drink. 2, Rose chrysanthemum tea Recipe: Take dried roses 6 to 10, chrysanthemum 2-3, into the cup, into the hot water, you can drink, but also with two dates, but also add a bit sweet, but also nourishing The power of blood. Efficacy: Rose micro-temperature, and is rich in vitamins, with blood Tiaojing, Shugan Qi, balance endocrine and other effects on the liver and ...TestoBoost Pro


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