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Lifts 4x15-12-12-10 4x15-12-12-10 4x15-12-12-10 4x15-12-12-10 TWINS: Standing Seated In press 3x12 3x12 3x12 Objective: The shoulder has three heads. We have to start paying attention to each one equally. Moreover, the later should call TestoBoost Pro our attention more. We do not see it, but it is seen from all angles. Paused rhythm and a lot of care with the elbows. As for the presses, it is preferable to use less weight and not involve in the movement other muscles that would be better resting. I insist! Be careful with the posterior technique. Feel each one of the contractions of this head throughout the movement, avoid sudden changes in rhythm, and tighten with enthusiasm in each of the final phases of the journey. ...TestoBoost Pro


(server costs 27.50€ per month)

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