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The WHO has established that it does not recommend the use of tanning booths for cosmetic purposes. Tanning beds are currently manufactured with higher levels of UVB to mimic the sun and accelerate the tanning process, which represents an increase in risk of suffering from cancer. Some countries of the European Union and states of the United States regulate this practice, sometimes even prohibiting the use of these devices to adolescents or require the consent of the parents or the doctor. Some places are also ordered to indicate the danger that this exposure implies for health. Although they represent a threat to health, tanning booths are still used so the most sensible thing in these cases would be to reduce the amount of exposures and use the corresponding bronzing products that moisturize and protect the skin, as it should be done with exposure to the sun.Skin spots are one of the main problems of consultation in aesthetic and dermatological centers


(server costs 27.50€ per month)

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