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The correct way to exercise is to place your thumb to the index finger, so that it does not grip the bar, because it must always be supported on the palm of the hand, so all the thrust will be concentrated on the forearm and not on the wrist, which is what causes pain and many times injuries.It is very simple, you should only grab the bar with the remaining four fingers so that it does not fall, not using the thumb since the hand should not become the place where The tension of the exercise is concentrated. Taking this into account with respect to the rras training will be greatly improved, also grab them in this way collaborates to achieve higher weight because it includes more power through the forearm. In the case of dumbbells the first thing to consider is choosing the right weight to perform the routine, and that a very heavy one would bring problems of posture. Then taking them correctly means using the four fingers that will be held by the thumb and the wrist should be in a position that is slightly "uebrada" inward, this is managed to direct the energy to the flexor muscles. As you can see, it is not as complicated to grip both the bars and the dumbbells correctly, doing properly not only avoid pain and injury but will optimize the exercise. In order to improve flexibility, they perform the so-called stretching, these exercises tend to improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity. With stretching the aim is to improve the ability to stretch the muscles obtaining a series of benefits. Having a good flexibility will result in optimal sports performance and in the prevention of injuries. When performing the stretching exercises correctly we optimize the flexibility and this generates benefits by improving: • Speed and coordination in the movements • Muscular elasticity • Power and muscular strength • Preparation of the muscles to perform the effort • Sliding planes In addition, contractures are prevented as it is achieved relax the muscles. Stretches should be performed after having done a good warm-up, because this generates an increase in internal muscular temperature and favors flexibility. There are different types of stretching and can be differentiated by the way they are performed or by the end pursued. of Contents [see] According to the way they are performedDynamic Stretches: Also called ballistic, fast or kinetic and correspond to exercises of swinging, jumping, bouncing with smooth movements, where through repetitive contractions of muscles called agonists Stretches of muscles called antagonists are generated. With this type of stretching dynamic flexibility is improved..


(server costs 27.50€ per month)

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